Justin Rubas - NY


Justin is 40 years old and has been hunting since the age of 12. He is an avid deer and turkey hunter. You can always find him outdoors scouting, setting stands, or simply enjoying the woods. He's been a long time hunting partner with owner, Devin Gee. He is an aggressive run and gun turkey hunter and hunts primarily in upstate NY. 


Jeffery Bonnewell - IN

Jeff grew up in the Hoosier State and was introduced to hunting by his father at a young age. To this day Jeff continues the hunting tradition with his mother and father. Jeff was able to complete a single season grand slam during the 2018 Spring Turkey Season. He loves traveling to new states to pursue turkey's on public land. This year 2020, he plans on hitting IN, MD, VT, NH and ME. He's also a proud supporter of the NWTF through his local chapter. You can also catch Jeff's hunting and outdoor adventures on YouTube at Fox Hill Outdoors.  

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Brian Rumrill - NY

Brian is from a small town in Upstate NY. He was first introduced to turkey hunting at the age of 14 by his cousin and Uncle. He was fortunate enough to harvest his first bird that day and ever since he has been hooked on chasing after the Kings of Spring. He takes every opportunity to introduce someone new to turkey hunting. He enjoys hunting with family and friends and soon will be taking his own young son and nephew out as well.

Jake Zugzda - NY

Jake is 26 years old and lives a few miles south of the Adirondack Park. He was introduced to hunting at a very young age. His passion for the outdoors was largely influenced by his father and brother. Jake enjoys watching others harvest an animal just as much as pulling the trigger himself. He was able to harvest his first turkey at the age of 12 and has been hooked ever since. His love for hunting and the outdoors doesnt stop at turkey hunting as he is an equally  passionate waterfowl and bow hunter.

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