Laminate Turkey Pot Call

Laminate Turkey Pot Call

Laminated Turkey Pot Call- The perfect gift for any turkey hunter! These calls are gorgeous, unique and have fantastic sound!
•Made out of Cherry, Maple and Red Mahogany 
•These Pots can be Made with any of our scratching surfaces/call designs - Slate, glass, glass w/photo, etc. SEE PHOTOS
•Dymondwood Striker with maple top  included with purchase
*I M P O R T A N T - Selecting the Personalized Photo Call option? After purchasing you can email us your photo at “ “. Please try your best to send us a good quality photo...small photos, screenshots, blurry photos, etc. make it difficult to fit the picture. All of our calls are hand turned-made to order-sealed with polyurethane and waxed before shipping out.
All of our calls are hand turned - made to order - sealed  with polyurethne and waxed before shipping out. We take great pride in the quality and sound of all of our products!
SHIPPING •We ship aim to ship in 7-10 days. USPS Priority Mail. Tracking will be provided once item ships
* Please note that these are 100% handmade from scratch. While we strive to make the calls the same- slight variations in wood grain and color do happen.

    We ship USPS Priority Mail

    Calls are typically shipped within 7-10 days

    Tracking will be provided as soon as your call ships